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Tornado damage in Rinnie? It’s certainly possible.

EMA Director Rick William and I headed out this afternoon to investigate the storm damage in Rinnie. Most of the damage is clearly straight-line winds, probably in the 70-80 mph range. Then, we got to the end of Beaty Road and found evidence of apparent tornado damage. This is NOT an official survey but I can tell you with much confidence that we have likely found the beginning of the Morgan County tornado. The damage appears to be EF-0. Again, a survey by the NWS will make this official. If this is the beginning of the Morgan County twister it will add several miles to that track.

We had an EF-2 on the south side of the Rinnie community in 2012. Now, we’ve had damaging straight-line winds and a tornado (likely) on the north side of Rinnie in 2020.

The following pictures are of straight-line wind damage. Winds may have reached 70-80 mph, from what I can tell.


This insulation is from a trailer that had its roof blown off.




The following pictures are of suspected tornado damage. The road ends here but we’re going to see if we can get access to the rest of this property.


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