2:20 pm Storm Update

WHAT: A line of strong to severe thunderstorms

MAIN THREAT: Straight-line winds (60+ mph)

WHEN: Between 6:00 and midnight

Good afternoon, everyone. I wanted to give you all some information that is making me feel a bit better about our severe weather situation, and I hope it helps calm your fears, as well.

I do want to start by saying that we still need to be weather-aware tonight. We still have a squall line to contend with that could bring some damaging winds and even an isolated, brief tornado. We do not expect long-track tornadoes in our neck of the woods tonight.

The good news, for starters, is that we’re staying cloudy. Thank goodness. If that sun were to pop out and get us to 70 degrees we’d be in for some big troubles. These clouds are blowing off the tops of the storms in Kentucky, keeping us cloudy and cooler. Cooler temps mean a more stable atmosphere.

We’re also seeing storms struggle in Kentucky. That is good news for both us and Kentuckians. If storms are struggling there, they will likely struggle here. The atmosphere in Kentucky is more unstable than ours.

I’ll keep a close watch on everything. Let’s just be thankful for some good news, while knowing we still need to be weather-aware this evening.

You all take care. I’ll be keeping you posted.

Pictured below is the current radar. Only the storms in Illinois are severe storm-warned. A tornado watch continues for much for western Kentucky, though there are currently no active warnings.



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