7:00 pm Storm Update

I wanted to give a quick update. From now on, I’ll update every two hours, unless something urgent emerges before that point.

At this hour, there is nothing on radar in Middle TN. Storms in Kentucky are staying in Kentucky. The Storm Prediction Center had thought those storms might drop into TN. That does not look as likely now. Never the less, stay weather-aware if you are in the tornado watch, especially if you are north of Jamestown.

That tornado watch is only for Fentress and Overton Counties in our area (yellow-shaded counties). Notice storm movement is to the east.


For the rest of us, we are in good shape until at least 9:00. Storms just aren’t firing off like data had suggested. However, as darkness falls the airmass in our region will begin changing and those changes could lead to strong to severe storms later on tonight. Damaging straight-line winds will be the main threat.

I’ll be watching it all. Hopefully, it won’t be a long night. This remains a low-end threat, with the plateau in a mix of slight and marginal risks.


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