What a view!

Check out this view. I saved this imagery just as darkness was beginning to enter from the east this evening. This is a view of the Pacific from the GOES-17 satellite. You see, no matter how disrupted our lives become, this view stays the same.

For me, this view is even more. It reminds me of the day I got to see this satellite before NASA sent it up into space. It reminds me of the launch that I got to see that sent this satellite up into space. It was my first rocket launch. What days those were!

When times get tough, let us be reminded to take the time to think on the good things of life. The good memories, the good times, the good yet to come. We may be in for some tough times ahead, but we need not lose sight of the greater good of life.

Seriously, just look at that view. She sure is pretty, isn’t she? Also, I included a poem below the imagery. Check it out if you wish.


Rushing rivers, seas and lakes
Elephants, tigers, hissing snakes
Snow and ice, clouds and rain
A beauty we can never explain.

Sandy deserts, forests green
Sparkling oceans, blue and clean
Waves crashing, whipped spray foam
A phenomenal place to call our home.

Volcanic eruptions, sudden earthquakes
Tornadoes and storms where everything breaks
Forest fires, floods, droughts and more
Hazards demanding respect and awe.

Creatures hunting, flowers growing
Migrating birds knowing where they’re going
The dance in the hive of the bumble bee
An amazing place to live and see.

The moon and sun, up there in space
Affecting so much in this wondrous place;
The changing tide, a new season’s birth
Our incredible and beautiful planet – Earth.

–Tiia Posti


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