Baldwin’s Wx Blog for Wed., March 18

A thundery afternoon


Weather Headlines

Strong storms may threaten the plateau this afternoon

Rain and storms could be on the heavy side Friday morning, with a cold frontal passage

Frost conditions likely Sunday morning

Main threats

Thunderstorms this afternoon could be on the strong side, with small hail and gusty winds. I’ll be watching this closely. Currently, the threat is very low but it’s not zero. The greatest threat is in the dark green-shaded region, where an isolated tornado may occur. This area has been expanded within the past hour and the Storm Prediction Center is saying it may be expanded further in later outlooks this morning. It is close enough to our region to be weather-aware this afternoon.



Strong storms are possible once again Friday morning, though this threat looks less impressive than it did yesterday. Let’s hope that trend continues!

Frost and/or light freeze conditions are likely Sunday morning. Keep this in mind if you have tender vegetation sprouting.


We’ll see clouds increase through the morning, leading us up to a rainy and thundery afternoon. Some of the storms may be on the strong side and that is something I’ll be watching throughout the day.

Thursday may turn out to be mostly dry. I think mostly cloudy skies will still be the rule but only isolated to scattered showers are expected. Rain and storms increase late in the night and into Friday morning. One or two strong storms can’t be ruled out with the cold frontal passage.

That front sets us up for a dry Saturday, before more rain showers try to move in by Sunday afternoon and Monday.

Keep in mind that Sunday morning temperatures may be conducive for frost. If you have sprouting plants you may need to take steps to protect them.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast


Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Strong to severe storms will threaten both the southern plains and the Ohio Valley today. All modes of severe weather are possible. Blizzard conditions are forecast for parts of Wyoming and Nebraska by this afternoon and tonight. Elsewhere, threats are minimal but the pattern is certainly active.



The third deadliest tornado to ever strike Middle Tennessee struck on this day in 1925. That was when at least 29 people were killed in Sumner County, just northeast of Nashville (Gallatin area). The violent F-4 tornado touched down in Sumner County and then carved a horrific 60-mile path of destruction into Kentucky. Whole homes were carried away. Eight people were killed in one home alone. In all, 41 people lost their lives in this one tornado. Over 150 homes were either damaged or completely destroyed.

Sadly, Sumner County was struck by another deadly tornado in February of 2005 that killed 22 people.

Wednesday Wind Day

Last week, I told you the fastest wind on earth was recorded on Mt. Washington. That’s certainly true….sort of.

That was the fastest non-severe weather wind speed recorded on earth. The fastest storm-related wind speed was recorded on a tiny Australian island in 1996. It took almost 14 years for that record to become official. (We’re pretty particular about our records in meteorology. ha).

That wind speed was 253 mph in a tropical cyclone on Barrow Island! Can you imagine! The three-second gust was recorded by an anemometer on the island. The wind gust was produced by a mesovortex (an intense tornado spinning within the eyewall).

This wind gusts surpasses Mt. Washington’s 231 mph wind gust but under totally different circumstances.


A test version of the Orion capsule was recovered in the Pacific this week. This was a test in the recovery of such a capsule when astronauts return from the Moon. The goal of this test mission was to ensure that astronauts can be safely recovered after splash-down. The test was a success! NASA plans to land the next man and the first woman on the moon by 2024.


You all have a great day!


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