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Spring begins at 10:50 a.m!

Spring officially begins at 10:50 CDT this morning! It is on this day that the Earth evenly receives 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. Thus the name ‘spring equinox’. And don’t you all be trying to balance eggs, etc. That works every day! ha

As a side note, meteorological spring began on March 1. We do our seasons in even three-month increments. Astronomical spring is what begins today. For Astronomers, the seasons change by sun positions. Today, the sun shines directly down on the Equator. Now, those direct rays will continue migrating northward until they shine directly upon the Tropic of Cancer on June 20 (first day of summer).

Today, with the sun overhead, you could stand on the Equator and your shadow would be between your feet, as the sun shines directly overhead. You can never do that here in TN, as our sun is always at some angle.

You can watch that “sunrise” line cross the earth in the imagery below, giving everyone equal chances of light and dark from pole to pole.

By the way, this is the earliest date and time for a spring equinox since 1896. So, it was inevitable all along that we would have an early spring (ha). - 2020-03-19T103526.856


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