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Baldwin’s Wx Blog for Sat., March 21

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Weather Headlines

A break from the rains today

Frost likely tonight

Strong to severe storms possible Tuesday

Main threats

Fog will be very dense in spots this morning. Drive with care.

Scattered frost is likely for many of us tonight. Protect those tender plants.

Strong to severe storms may threaten the area Tuesday. All modes of severe weather are possible. I’ll be watching it closely.


Look for partly to mostly cloudy skies today. Hopefully, this fog will burn off and we can get enough breaks in the clouds to get us out of the 40s by this afternoon. It’s a chilly day, for sure.

Tonight, skies should clear just enough to allow for patchy frost. If clouds hang on through the morning we’ll see a lot less frost.

Rain showers move back in by Sunday evening. That rain picks up in coverage and intensity Sunday night. Still, no flooding issues are foreseen.

Tuesday is the weather worry of the week. Guidance continues to suggest that Tennessee will be the bulls-eye for severe t-storms. I’ll keep an eye on it.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Wx Hazards Across the Nation

The bigger weather story today is the winter storm out west, bringing lots of mountain snows. An unsettled pattern continues across the southern half of the US, though no severe weather is expected today.



A horrific tornado outbreak on this day in 1932 claimed the lives of 334 people and injured nearly 2,000 more across the South. Alabama alone lost 286 people. Northern Alabama was hardest hit. In all, at least 31 tornadoes touched down across Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

Five of these tornadoes were in Middle Tennessee, with southern Middle Tennessee being hardest hit. A violent F-4 tornado struck Pulaski and was said to have swept the homes in the valleys away just as it did those on the hilltops.

Saturday Snow Day

The snowiest place in the continental US is Mount Washington. That unforgiving climate yields about 280 inches of snow a year! That’s 23 feet of snow. Wow.

The snowiest city is Syracuse, New York. They get about 125 inches of snow a year. That is mostly Lake-Effect snow.

Seven of the top 10 snowiest locations in the continental US are the result of Lake-Effect snow.

If we add Alaska then we must say that Valdez, Alaska is the snowiest place in all of the US. They measure about 326 inches of snow a year! Yeah, that’s about 27 feet.

NASA Knowledge

The Curiosity Rover on Mars recently climbed its steepest Martian hill. It was a doozy! It actually took the rover three times to make it, tilted at such an angle that it nearly tipped over (that would be bad). But, alas it made it to the top and sent back some really good data.

Before it attempted the climb, NASA thought it would be fun to get the rover to take a selfie with its robotic arm. It pulled that off like a charm. It did take a while, though, as it maneuvered the arm around for the best shot. Hey, Curiosity is just like us in that respect…you wanna get the best pic, right? Below is the selfie. Watch the video below the pic to see the process Curiosity went through to get it. It’s kinda comical.

In the pic below, notice those clouds off in the upper left of the pic. That’s probably a dust storm but I’m not sure. What a landscape, though. It sure makes Earth look good.



The International Space Station is flying over this evening at about 7:12. I’m just not sure how good that view will be with all the clouds that may still be around. I’ll keep an eye on things and I’ll send out a reminder if viewing conditions look good.

You all have a great day!

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