Baldwin’s Sunday Story Wx Blog for March 22

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Weather Headlines

Rain develops this evening and overnight

A wet Monday

Strong to severe storms possible Tuesday

Warmest temps of the season thus far possible by end of the week

Main threats

Strong to severe storms may threaten the region Monday. A squall line of intense t-storms is expected to form in West TN during the day. That line will move east and affect the plateau in the afternoon/evening hours. All modes of severe weather look possible.

**Please note: I have found Midland weather radios available at for a lower price than at Midland’s website or Amazon (


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We’ll see mostly cloudy skies today, as clouds move in ahead of our next system. That system will begin arriving late this afternoon and evening. Rain will then continue overnight and into at least the first half of the day Monday. With up to an inch or so of rain, there may be a lot of water on the roadways in the morning. Be careful for that if you must commute to work.

Then, the atmosphere begins destabilizing ahead of the next system. That system will produced a squall line of strong to severe storms that I will be tracking across the state on Tuesday. That line should arrive here in the afternoon or evening (timing will be specified in later forecasts). All modes of severe weather look possible.

Then, the rest of the week is looking halfway decent! Warm air will begin moving in from the South and that will likely lead to our warmest temperatures of the season thus far.

Our next storm system then moves in for the weekend, with more storms.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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On this day in 1968 a late-season snowstorm produced Murphreesboro’s greatest one-day snowfall ever recorded, with 10 inches of snow being measured. Lebanon also recorded their greatest one-day snowfall with this event with nine inches.

Sunday Story

Tennessee leads the nation in nighttime tornadoes. Unfortunately, nighttime tornadoes are more than twice as likely to be deadly as daytime tornadoes. 

We were all reminded on the night of March 2 of just how dangerous our weather can get here in Tennessee. Like so much of our severe weather in this region, those deadly storms struck neighboring Putnam County during the night. Having something to wake you up when severe storms are approaching can save your life.

A weather radio is the number one best item you can have for such alerts. Weather radios can be set to sound an alarm when your county has been issued a severe weather warning. These are life-saving devices that can be found at numerous storms or online.

In addition to a weather radio, have at least one additional source to wake you up. Install a weather app on your phone that you trust. Have a network of family and friends who can call you and wake you up if they hear that severe weather is approaching. 

Now that you have a way to be alerted, make sure you know what to do when severe weather is threatening. Make sure your family knows what to do. Practice in the dark, too, as the lights are liable to go out in severe storms. 

Remember, go to the lowest level of your home and get flat. Protect your head with pillows or, more ideally, with bicycle helmets strapped on. Wear your shoes in case you have to walk on broken glass after the storm. Find an interior room and put as many walls as you can between you and the outside. Abandon mobile homes.

Thankfully, most tornadoes are survivable by taking these precautions. Now, let’s all hope for a quieter spring severe weather season!

**Again, you can find Midland weather radios at for $29.99. Most other places have them at $39.99 (from what I found). Order yours today at


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