Baldwin’s Stormy Wx Blog for Mon., March 23

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Weather Headlines

Strong to severe storms are possible Tuesday.

Unseasonably warm weather likely to end the week

Main threats

Strong to severe storms will threaten the plateau during the day Tuesday. The first round will affect us the first half of the day with a warm frontal passage, with hail and damaging winds being the main threats. Then, a cold front will sweep through the second half of the day. A squall line will likely be associated with that frontal passage, with damaging winds being the main threat. Isolated tornadoes are also possible. I’ll be watching this all very closely and will bring you updates as new information becomes available.

As of now, the plateau is in the marginal risk for severe weather. I expect that to change in later outlooks, and I expect the plateau will be included in the slight risk. The storms will be moving from west to east, so whatever affects Middle TN will affect us in some way.


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Clouds and showers will be with us through the morning hours. Then, the rain should taper off but the clouds will stay around.

Tonight, our atmosphere begins destabilizing. That will lead to a very unsettled day Tuesday. Storms will threaten throughout the day, as a very active pattern ensues. Please stay weather aware throughout the day.

Then, nice weather returns! Can you believe we may actually have some nice spring weather? Wednesday and Thursday look great, with Thursday looking especially great. Fingers crossed that we squeeze in a good Friday too!

Our next system arrives by Saturday, with more rain and storms.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Severe storms will threaten the southern plains, while wintry weather continues for the western US and parts of the Northeast.



On this day in 1893 the State Prison in Nashville was directly impacted by a tornado. The prison was nearly completely destroyed. Just before the twister struck, the 500 inmates had been moved to the mess hall, one of the only sections of the prison not destroyed.

Monday Sun Day

The Sun is at the center of our solar system. It sun has at least eight satellites that we call planets. They all rotate around the sun, due to the sun’s gravity.

We all, in sync, orbit the Milky Way Galaxy. One complete orbit takes about 230 million years.

NASA Knowledge

If you want some good advice about dealing with people, just ask an astronaut. They work in nearly every challenging position under the sun when training to be an astronaut and when carrying out missions. Follow the link below for some sound advice from an astronaut about dealing with our fellow man or woman.

You all have a great day!

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