Monday afternoon update on Tuesday’s storms

The Storm Prediction Center has updated the convective outlook for Tuesday’s storms and, as expected, they have expanded that slight risk eastward. Now, generally everyone along and south of I-40 are included in the slight risk for severe storms. That same area has a heightened risk for tornadoes, as well, though that risk is still on the low side.

Those of you north of I-40 are in the marginal risk for severe storms, which means a lower end threat for you all. That could change and with the slight risk so close, I would make sure I was just as weather-aware as anyone tomorrow.

We still expect two rounds of storms. One will come in the morning with a strong warm front. Those storms will pose a hail threat. Then, another round of storms will come in the evening. That is when the damaging wind threat is highest, as well as an isolated tornado.

Think about your plans tomorrow and what you would do if a warning of any type is issued. Make sure your family is ready, as well. This squall line tomorrow evening may pack a punch for some of us, meaning that the loss of power is certainly not out of the question. Make sure you’re ready for that, just in case.

I’ll keep a close eye on this and I’ll keep you posted!

understanding_categories (1)

These guidelines work for both severe t-storm and tornado warnings.



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