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5:10 Severe Wx Update

We have our first severe t-storm warning in southern Middle TN and that storm is certainly worth watching for those folks. That storm is south of that warm front, in the more warm and unstable air. Notice the temp difference between Crossville and the areas south of the warm front. It’s in the 50s here, 70s there. This particular storm may be a threat to Bledsoe County down the road.


Tornado watches are issued by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) and are issued by county. Warnings are issued by polygons. You can see the warning polygon for that storm in southern Middle TN. The SPC draws a watch box and then issues the watch for every county that box touches. When they drew today’s watch, it just barely touched the southwest corner of Cumberland County. We barely made it into the watch. That’s a good thing, but it’s not a reason to let our guards down.

Again, the threat is highest along and south of I-40.

As you can see on the radar, a line has now formed, stretching from the Nashville area to northeast Mississippi. We will track that line east. Hopefully, we won’t see any storms from out ahead of that line. Those would have the potential to become especially severe. You can see the break in rain between us and the line. That rain-cooled air around Livingston and Jamestown may really help them out when it comes to keeping storms tame.

We’ll see how bad the storms get in southern Middle TN. They have a much, much higher chance for tornadoes than we do. In fact, some of their tornadoes could be strong (EF2+). Let’s hope we all get through this safe and sound. The good thing about southern Middle TN is that there is a lot of rural farmland down there.

I’ll update as needed. At this time, we’re mainly tracking that line coming in from Nashville. It should arrive around 7:00 pm.





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