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6:25 update: Storms in Alabama “stealing our thunder”

A severe weather outbreak is underway in northern Alabama. If you know anyone who lives in the Huntsville or northern Alabama area, make sure they know that there are very serious storms in their area this evening. Some of those tornadoes could be strong.

Those storms are robbing a lot of our energy for our storms. Even storms in southern Middle TN aren’t quite as strong as we feared they would be. That’s not to say they’re out of the woods, as things can change quite quickly with the environment they have in place.

Things are looking better for us. That’s not so say we can let our guard down, but things are definitely looking better. With that being said, flash flooding is looking like a very real threat for us. Be aware of that if you live in a flood prone area. Be off the roads when these storms come through.

Earlier, I captured this image off weatherTAP’s RadarLab of a storm in northern Alabama. The bright yellow pixels represent debris being lofted into the air by a tornado (likely a strong or violent one). Let’s keep those folk close to our hearts.


Again, I think we’re going to be alright. Those of us north of I-40 are looking really good. I still want you folks south of the interstate to stay weather-aware for the next hour or two. I’ll let you all know when the threat has passed.

The radar at 6:15 is just not looking impressive for our area. Folks in southern Middle TN and northern AL, however, have a different situation. They are in the low to mid 70s, we are in the mid 50s. Thank goodness for clouds and cooler temperatures! We remain under a tornado watch until 10:00 (though it will likely be cancelled a couple hours earlier than that).



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