7:45 Update: Heavy rain moving in

Radar shows some very heavy downpours approaching the western edge of the plateau. This activity is moving through the Cookeville area right now. Storms remain below severe limits. This should be out of here within the next hour or so.

You will hear some rumbles of thunder and you may get some gusty winds. The flash flooding threat appears to be our greatest threat at this time. Don’t be on the roads when this comes through.

I noticed something interesting on radar. Remember that thin green line on radar that I said was the cold front coming into Nashville? That line starts to light up when it gets in the Memphis area. That’s because they haven’t had any rain to stabilize their area. Pretty neat to see that activity evolve along the cold front. You can still see that front extending toward Nashville as a speckled line on radar.


I’ll let you all know when we’re in the clear. I expect the tornado watch to be cancelled before that 10:00 expiration.


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