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11:50 Storm Update

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) just issued a mesoscale discussion for Middle TN, stating that they expect the severe threat to continue into the evening.

Storms will arrive on the plateau between 2:00-3:00 am, as it looks now. They are moving into the heart of Nashville right now.

One thing the SPC notes is something I’ve also noticed. The line is breaking into segments. That mean the squall line threat is decreasing. However, broken segments fluctuate in intensity and are more prone to producing isolated tornadoes. That being said, our atmosphere isn’t the most conducive for tornadoes right now. Never the less, the tornado watch continues for most of Middle TN until 4:00 am.

Overall, our threat is low but it’s certainly not zero.


Some other good news is that for the first time in several hours there are no warnings in TN! That is a good trend and I sure hope it continues. Will that stay true? Probably not. I’m sure we’ll see more warnings off and on but I sure am liking this trend!


I’ll be up and watching it all!

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