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8:40 pm Storm Update

WHAT: Strong to severe storms (straight-line winds main threat)

WHEN: Midnight to 3:00 am

At this hour, the closest tornado watch that has recently been issued extends across southern Kentucky. That watch is in effect until 3:00 am. The Storm Prediction Center is discussing the issuance of another tornado watch for Middle TN. That should be out within the next hour. I’m not sure how far east that will extend. I’ll keep you posted.


Looking at the latest convective outlook, issued at 8:00 pm, it looks like we are right on the eastern edge of the concern for severe weather. The idea continues to be that the better ingredients for severe weather will dampen down before the squall line reaches us. Confidence is good that we’ll just see the threat of damaging straight-line winds. However, the threat of a tornado is low, but not zero.

So, with that being said I know many of you are probably wanting to go to bed sooner than later. You can do that IF you have a weather radio. I’d also like you to have an app that sounds an alert, as well. Have more than one way to wake up if severe weather hits.

FYI, the concern for severe weather across northern Illinois has been lowered. That is great news for them! They are not out of the woods yet, but the fear of long-track tornadoes has diminished greatly. A cloudy day saved the day for them.

I’ll be right here and on Facebook until the threat for our area has passed.


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  1. Mark. Where may I get a good app to have in my phone to give alerts. I have Weather channel but I don’t know have alerts.

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    1. There are several out there, though I’m mostly only familiar with weatherTAP. I’m actually looking into good apps. It looks like “Tornado-American Red Cross” is a good one. It sure has good reviews.

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