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9:45 Update: Tornado Watch Just to Our West

The Storm Prediction Center has now issued a tornado watch for much of Middle TN until 4:00 am. This does not include the Cumberland Plateau, with the exception of Putnam County. Technically, the watch box includes Overton and White but they weren’t added to the official list of counties in the tornado watch. That’s a bit odd. The bottom line is this, the watch is awfully close and I’d rather us not let our guard down. Keep in mind that much of the plateau remains in the slight risk for severe storms for late tonight. Activity is moving east.


The latest radar shows strong to severe storms making their way across West TN. Every once in a while, a tornado warning is issued.


A storm earlier this evening looked like it would produce a tornado northwest of Nashville. It was a lone supercell out ahead of the main line. Thankfully, it appears to have not done so. That is good news for both them and us, as they are much more unstable than we are. If they couldn’t get a tornado to form, with a more unstable atmosphere, that means things are looking better for us.

That being said, let’s not let our guard down. It only takes one tornado.

The pictures below are from the Jonesboro, Arkansas tornado earlier this afternoon. This is the one I showed you the debris signature for on radar. I haven’t hear of injuries yet but I would be surprised if there are none.


I’m staying up and keeping an eye on things. I have my pepsis, brownies, and chips-n-dip (ha). I’m all geared up!

You all stay safe and if you go to bed make sure that weather radio is on.


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