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Baldwin’s Stormy Wx Blog for Sat., Mar 28

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Weather Headlines

A warm and windy Saturday

Strong to severe storms threaten late tonight

Cooler and pleasant by Sunday afternoon

More rain and thunder Tuesday (some heavy rainfall possible)

Possible Frost Thursday morning

Main threats

Strong to severe storms will develop across West TN late this evening. Storms will reach the plateau sometime between 11:00-2:00 am. Damaging winds are possible, along with isolated tornadoes. I’ll be monitoring this all day and night for you.

Heavy rainfall is possible Tuesday. This will be monitored.

Frost is looking likely Thursday morning.


We’ll see partly to mostly cloudy skies for our Saturday. Winds will be picking up and should become quite gusty by afternoon and evening.

Tonight, strong to severe storms will develop to our west and move east. We’ll watch these very closely as they approach the plateau around midnight.

Sunday is looking a little breezy and cooler. I think by afternoon we will see pleasant weather conditions.

Our next system arrives Tuesday and it looks like it could bring some heavy rainfall to the area. The severe threat should stay to our south.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Strong to severe storms will threat parts of the eastern US today and tonight. Mountain snows continue for the western US.



The worst tornado to ever strike the Chicago area hit on this day in 1920. The tornado’s destruction left millions in damages (in 1920 dollars!) and 28 people dead.

Today, that same area is under the threat for significant severe weather, including strong tornadoes.


Many of you saw this on Facebook last night, but for those who didn’t I’ll share it here.

I submitted my resignation to weatherTAP today, effective immediately. It’s a decision I did not take lightly.

As many of you know, our parent company has undergone dramatic changes in the past few months. These changes ultimately ended with much of the company being sold to a larger company in Virginia. The WeatherTAP part was bought by its creator.

For some of us, the stress of the changes since January were just too much. One minute we were safe, the next minute not…repeat, repeat, repeat. A lack of good communication, etc. It was gut wrenching. A job I absolutely loved quickly evolved into a job I dreaded. I never dreamed that day would come, but alas. I’ve said so many times that I never dreaded a Monday.

All this change also sent many of us looking for other career opportunities and starting discussions with others that we never anticipated having. For me, those have proved quite promising. So, I’m walking away. Please know that this is not a reflection on the weatherTAP product. WeatherTAP is a great product and I wish them the best. This was a wonderful opportunity for me and I’m grateful for the many good days, and I refuse to let the past three months taint my whole experience here.

So, within the past few weeks I’ve lost my grandfather, my precious furbaby Pepper, and now my job. Not to mention the pandemic. If I see a locust I’m done (lol). But, you know what? Everything is going to be ok.

I’ve thought so much about an epiphany I recently had. I’ve always disagreed with a line of scripture that you’ve likely heard before. “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”

Faith, hope and love, but the greatest is love? I have always believed that without hope we were in the saddest of conditions, but I was wrong. Of these three, love is the one that always exists and if it ever could fail we would then be in the saddest of conditions. We lose faith. We lose hope. That is part of the human condition. But we never lose love. We can’t! There’s always someone (or even a furbaby!) that always loves us. And you know what? If those two things fail ya, the Lord never ceases to love ya. How can we be discouraged with so great a promise given to us? Makes the tough times a little less tough, right?

You will notice no difference with Meteorologist Mark on social media or the blog. Well, except I won’t be doing weatherTAP’s social media (ha). And you’ll see other weather products being used by me that I’m actually pretty excited about. I’ve been committed to only using weatherTAP’s products these past few years, so that’ll be different!

And there will still be NASA Socials and rocket launches! Contrary to what many of you probably thought, weatherTAP never supported my NASA rocket launches. I paid for those trips out of pocket. It was a bit embarrassing for me to correct those of you who thought otherwise, and I should have said something. The good news is that these trips led to my blog absolutely exploding in popularity. I’m so very grateful for that! I will, of course, be sharing all that right here! By the way, I have rocket fever so bad! I desperately need the smell of rocket fuel in my life! haha

And I’ll still be doing those school talks and monthly science classes for kids! I’ll just be in a “Meteorologist Mark” polo instead of weatherTAP. I’ll also still be doing my weekly science articles for the Fentress Courier and Livingston Enterprise, only not in weatherTAP’s name.

I’ll also still be our EMA Director Rick Williams‘ personal meteorologist. (LOL) He’ll get a laugh out of that but it’s kinda true. I thank Rick for all he does, and I look forward to helping him all I can in the future.

I’m still your county commissioner and I’m not going anywhere! Lol I also still have Kids on the Rise and I wouldn’t give that up for anything. I’m still a board member for Creative Compassion, Crossville Housing Authority, and United Fund. All causes I cherish. Need less to say, I’m still plenty busy! Ha

I love this community and I would do anything for it. OH! And I’m still working on bringing the first ever Bigfoot festival to Crossville this fall! That will be so much fun! You all stay tuned for more about that in the coming months (I’m actually VERY excited about this!) Find the Facebook page and follow it for updates (@ucbigfoot).

So, keep me in your good thoughts and prayers. I’m doing just fine. I just need a few weeks to chill and process things before the locusts arrive (LOL I better not joke, right?).

 Love you all and I’ll keep you posted on my next life adventure!

You all have a great day!

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