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1:20 am Storm Update

Since I last updated you all we’ve seen a couple of developments. First of all, I can already hear thunder and see lightning from my home in northern Cumberland County. Storms are closing in on western Putnam County and should be pushing onto the plateau within the hour.

The second development we’ve seen is a more broken, “messy” look to the squall line. This has allowed storms in Middle TN to intensify. At one point, a storm near Lawrenceburg showed golfball-sized hail and 70 mph winds.

Those storms remain quite intense, while the ones closer to our neck of the woods continuing to behave themselves. Storms have been pulsing up and down as time as gone along. We can’t rule out the possibility of them pulsing up as they move onto the plateau.

I’ll keep an eye on things and let you know if anything else changes. Those storms north of Cookeville may go severe. They’ve been looking quite strong for some time. Activity is moving east to northeast. The SPC has not issued any discussions for our area. They may do that within the hour to discuss whether or not they will extend any watches east of the current tornado watch. That tornado watch covers all of Middle TN , with the exception of Cumberland and Fentress Counties.


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