3:30 am Storm Update

Many of you have reported some degree of wind damage and I can certainly understand that. As many of you know, I’ve been tracking those storms for some time across Middle TN. Radar indicated 70 mph winds and large hail. I didn’t have much hail at my house in northern Cumberland County but I sure got some wind! I lost power for a bit but it has now come back, thank goodness. I know many others of you aren’t so lucky with that.

The worst of the storms have raced east. I’m watching a storm or two in southern Middle Tn but they appear to be more of a threat to Bledsoe County, perhaps southern Cumberland County. I still want you folks south of I-40 to stay weather aware for about another hour.

Those of you in Fentress County appear to be in the clear. I would for sure go to bed if you have a weather radio. I honestly don’t see you all getting anything else bad tonight. The same is true for Putnam and Overton Counties.

I’m staying up until the threat is passed. It’s those of you in southern Cumberland County that I’ll be watching for from here on out. I’ll give the all-clear when I can.

Here is the current radar. It’s that severe storm to our southwest that I need to watch. A tornado watch remains in effect until 4:00 am. I’ll update again soon.

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  1. My brother is reporting lots of damage in the Cumberland County and White county line area. Power lines down, trees down and some structural damage to homes.

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