Storm Survey Information

Good afternoon! I just wanted to let you know that the NWS plans to do a storm survey across Cumberland County on Monday. This will determine at what magnitude our straight-line winds blew and whether or not any of the damage is related to a tornado. From what I saw today, I’m leaning heavily toward 70-80 mph straight-line winds. Again, nothing is official or confirmed until the NWS completes their storm survey tomorrow.

I’ll be tagging along with them and I’ll keep you posted!

Please stay away from any of the damaged areas today, as power crews are trying to work and restore power. For that reason, I didn’t see some of the damage. No sense getting in the way, right?

You all take care.


4 thoughts on “Storm Survey Information

  1. What a night!!! We finally got power on our street. We take so much for granted….what ever it was it took all my huge evergreens at the wood line out😢and we have two heavy wood benches by our fire pit and it took one and I found it in the woods tore apart. Didn’t touch the house so we are more blessed than some. Thank you Mark for engaging with all us crazies last night.

    Have a blessed day 💕


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  2. Hey Mark, I live close to the airport and had some tree damage. Unfortunately the biggest tree took out my Accurite weather station, so I have no record of wind speed.

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