Baldwin’s Monday Wx Blog for Apr 6

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Weather Headlines

Chances for strong to severe storms both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings

Turning cooler by the end of the week (Dogwood Winter?)

Main threats

Strong to severe storms are possible Tuesday evening. Damaging, straight-line winds are the main threat. The Storm Prediction Center has outlined our region in the marginal risk for severe storms.

Strong to severe storms are possible again Wednesday evening, with large hail and damaging winds being the primary threats. The Storm Prediction Center has outlined our region in the slight risk for severe storms.

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Guidance has shifted somewhat over the past 12-18 hours. We now have strong storm chances both Tuesday and Wednesday, with Wednesday looking like the greater threat now.

First of all, we’ll see partly to mostly cloudy skies today. What a good day to get outside!

Clouds will increase on Tuesday, as a system slides to our north. At its closest approach to us Tuesday evening, we could see one or two storms form on the plateau and those storms have the potential to produce damaging wind gusts. The main threat will be north of I-40.

By Wednesday, a front will slip in from the northwest and that will bring another chance for strong to severe storms. This time, the threat is across the entire plateau. The primary threats will be damaging, straight-line winds and large hail.

Thursday and Friday look cooler but drier. Our next system may begin moving in as soon as Saturday.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Wx Hazards Across the Nation

A winter storm continues to bring widespread rains and snows to the western US. Elsewhere, the weather is quite benign, with mainly light precip in the shaded areas.



It was a devastating time for tornadoes on this day in 1936. The evening before, on April 5, a tornado struck Tupelo, Mississippi and killed 216 people. The tornado narrowly missed the home of a 15-month old Elvis Presley.

The next morning, that same storm system created two tornadoes that merged outside of Gainesville, Georgia. The combined tornadoes merged to form one violent tornado that would take the lives of 203 people. The tornado cut a swath of total destruction four city blocks wide. Following the storm, streets were filled with 7-10 feet of debris falling from the sky! At the Cooper Pants Factory, 70 people were killed. This is the largest loss of life in a single building in a tornado in US history.

In all, 416 people lost their lives from the evening of the 5th to the morning of the 6th.

Monday Sun Day

A person weighing 150 pounds on Earth would weigh approximately 4,200 pounds on the sun. That is because the sun’s gravity is about 28 times that of Earth.

If we ever needed another reason not to go to the sun…. (haha).

NASA Knowledge

Feeling cooped up in the house these days? NASA invites you to “space out” with them! Check out this ultra HD flythrough of a day of life on-board the International Space Station. Peer out the windows at the universe. Meander through the hallways of space. Float in the home office of the star sailors. Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a ride! And bring the kids!

Long-Range Outlook (New Section!)

The temperature and precipitation outlook for the middle of April shows below normal temperatures and above normal precipitation for many of us. The good news if this verifies? A much lower risk for severe storms across the country.

Baldwin’s Clip-of-the-Day (New Section!)

This is infrared imagery from the Himawari 8 satellite. The movie shows the re-emergence of a well defined eye as Tropical Cyclone Harold once again rapidly intensified to Category 4 strength as it approached Vanuatu. (8)


You all have a great day!


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