Check out the Super Moon at 9:35!

Tonight is the best super moon of the year! The moon is at perigee, meaning it is at its closest approach to Earth. Couple that with it being a Full Moon and you get a real treat!

According to NASA, the Maine Farmer’s Almanac published “Indian” names for the (full) moons in the 1930s. The Almanac refers to the April full moon, or the first full moon in spring, as the “pink moon.” This name comes from herb moss pink, which is one of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring.

The moon will not be pink. In fact, the moon will appear a golden or yellowish color and fade to a bright white due to optical effect on the atmosphere, according to NASA.

So, get outside and check out that beautiful moon! It’s also cool to think that we will be walking on that big, dusty rock again sooner than later.

Oh! Don’t forget that big bright star in the western sky! That is Venus and you wouldn’t want to ignore her (ha).

Happy star gazing!


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