9:00 pm Storm Update

Since the last update, a tornado watch has been issued for parts of western Middle TN and West TN. A tornado watch will likely be issued for our area at some point this evening.


The 8:00 update from the Storm Prediction Center continues to show all of our region in the enhanced risk for severe storms for tonight. Damaging straight-line winds in excess of 75 mph are possible, along with hail to the size of golfballs.

Forecast_Template - 2020-04-08T085945.053

At this hour, storms are across West TN, with one very serious storm just northwest of the Memphis area. That storm has a history of producing tornadoes and looks to continue to pose that threat as it moves across the Memphis area a bit later.

RadarScope shows the storms quite well. Activity is moving east, southeast.


I’ll keep my eyes on things and post updates, as needed. Make sure you all know your severe weather plan! Go ahead and practice it with the kids. The more your family is comfortable with what to do, the less stressful an actual warning will be. And prepare for power outages, just in case.

You all take care. I’ll be up and watching!



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