Noon Storm Update: A night to be wx-aware

WHAT: Severe t-storms

WHEN: 10:00 pm – 2:00 am

The 11:30 update from the Storm Prediction Center is out and we remain in the ENHANCED RISK for severe storms. This continues to look like a widespread, damaging wind event for us.

Forecast_Template - 2020-04-08T085945.053

Pictured below are some new storm graphic products available from the Cooperative Institute for Precipitation Systems (CIPS) based in St. Louis. You will see me share these products quite often, as they are very helpful in conveying threats.

This first map represents the wind threat from tonight’s storms. Notice how Middle TN and the plateau is right in the middle of this threat. Again, the risk for widespread and damaging straight-line winds is quite high for our region.

download (1)

The hail threat, represented below, is highest to our west. Never the less, large hail will be something we have to watch out for, as well. The atmosphere tonight will certainly support a hail threat.


The tornado threat is low, but I hope we learned from storms in the past that straight-line winds can be as destructive as weak tornadoes. The main tornado threat will likely be from brief spin-ups within and along the edges of the squall line.

I would advise not going to bed tonight, or at least making sure someone stays up, even if you have a weather radio. Take an afternoon nap and prepare to be up late with me. Hopefully, these storms will be out of here by 1:00 am or so.

Take the severe t-storm warnings seriously tonight. The NWS issues these warnings because damaging winds and/or large hail is likely. We wouldn’t need severe t-storm warnings if all high wind events were tornadoes.

Prepare for power outages. These storms will be capable of putting down gusts over 70 mph at times, which is more than enough to bring down trees in our wet soils. I would prepare for the lights to go out and be prepared just in case.

I’ll update again around 3:30 pm, or as needed if new info becomes available.

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These tornado shelter guidelines are great guidelines for ANY high wind event, regardless of the presence of a tornado.


SAC weather dark generic update still chyron frame

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