Baldwin’s Breezy Thursday Wx Blog for April 9th

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Weather Headlines

Frosty nights ahead

Heavy rainfall and storms for Easter Sunday

Much cooler and unsettled next week

Main threats

TONIGHT AND FRIDAY NIGHT: Frost is likely. Protect any tender vegetation that is budding.

EASTER SUNDAY: Strong storms and heavy rainfall are possible. I’m watching this closely.


Well, I always tell people not to plant any tender vegetation outside until after Mother’s Day (and even then I’d check the forecast!). Frost will be out there tonight and especially tomorrow night. In fact, a light freeze could even occur. Protect those plants. Oh, and next week looks to hold multiple opportunities for frost.

Then, the pattern changes and our atmosphere will be getting primed for heavy rainfall and storms, just in time for Easter. Showers may linger into early next week, as very cool temperatures settle back in and remind us that cooler temperatures are never too far away this time of year.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Wx Hazards Across the Nation

It’s a more wintry pattern across much of the country again. Mixed wintry precip stretches from the southern Appalachians to New England and then back toward the northern plains. On the warmer side of the front, severe t-storms will threaten both southern Texas and then again up around the Washington DC to New York City region. A potent, but slow moving, storm system continues to plague the southwestern US as it moves eastward (that’s our Easter storm).


Yesterday’s National High and Low Temperature

High Temp: 99 degrees at Rio Grande, Texas

Low Temp: 7 degrees at Estcourt Station, Maine


On this day in 2011 Nashville recorded their earliest 90-degree temperature on record. The high that day was 91 degrees in Music City and tied their all-time record high for April.

The infamous Woodward, Oklahoma tornado struck on this day in 1947. That tornado was on the ground continuously for 100 miles. It remains the deadliest tornado in Oklahoma history, having claimed the lives of 116 people. The F-5 tornado was part of a supercell thunderstorm that spawned six tornadoes over it’s 220 mile journey. Since there were no watches and warnings in those days, the storm caught people completely off guard.

Because of this and other deadly tornado outbreaks in the 1940s, the NWS began the watch/warning system. Countless lives have been saved since.

Thirsty Thursday

The UN estimates it would cost an additional $30 billion to provide access to safe water to the entire planet. That’s a third of what the world spends in a year on bottled water.

NASA Knowledge

NASA announces a new documentary on the Apollo 13 mission will air on April 10. That’s tomorrow! This mission is considered a “successful failure” by NASA. Find out why when you tune in for this new and sure-to-be interesting documentary! Bring the kids along too!

Long Range Outlook 

The following outlooks are valid for April 14-18. For our region, below normal temperatures and above normal precip are favored.





Baldwin’s View-of-the-Day

I took this picture on Tuesday, ahead of last night’s storm system. Notice the way those high, thin cirrus clouds stretch across the sky? That signals increasing winds aloft. Faster winds at the higher altitudes precede storm systems, sometimes by days. This is Nature’s signal to you that another storm is brewing. Last night, that storm system came blowing through.


You all have a great day!

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