6:30 pm Saturday Storm Update

I just wanted to give an update on tomorrow’s severe storm potential. We remain in the enhanced risk for severe storms. That means we have a very good chance for severe storms. Will there be tornadoes? That’s certainly not clear at this point.

First, our atmosphere will be going through a lot of dramatic changes in the next 24 hours. Hard to believe how much it will change. It was so nice today! Our humidity is very low but a warm front tomorrow morning will try to change that.

I don’t think we’ll have any severe weather until tomorrow evening. We could certainly have some thunderstorms in the morning with that warm front but I think the storms will behave themselves with the morning rain. If we get any severe weather it will be for marginally severe hail (around one inch).

There’s two things keeping me from pushing the big red panic button on tomorrow’s storms. The first is the big question…how far north does the warm front get? If it gets north of our area then we have a significant tornado threat. If it doesn’t, then we don’t. I’ve just never been convinced that front will clear our area. I sure hope it doesn’t. Just keep in mind that even with the warm front in the vicinity of us, we can still get severe thunderstorms.

The second thing is wondering just how rainy and cool we’ll stay tomorrow? If we stay rainy and cool that will really help us out. That is certainly a possible scenario!

I know so many of you have been messaging me and freaking out. We’re all kinda shook up from the spring storms we’ve had this year. Don’t freak out about tomorrow until I tell ya too (haha). What good is worrying going to do anyway, right? You know what would be even better? Preparing! Dust off that severe weather plan. Make sure everything has batteries in case the power goes off. Charge up the cell phones. Focus on preparing and not on the storms themselves…if you can. I know for many of you that’s hard to do and that’s ok.

So, we’ll just stay weather aware tomorrow. I think our greatest threat may come with a squall line after dark tomorrow. The good thing about squall lines is that they’re quick. This one may pack a punch but at least it would be in and out of here in a hurry.

I want you all to be sure and read my blog in the morning. This is a developing weather situation and you need to stay on top of it, just in case something changes. I’ll get that blog out by 8:30 am. I don’t mean to make light of us being in the enhanced risk for severe storms, but there’s no sense in everybody being scared to death when the situation is rather unclear, even at this hour.

The good news is that my level concern for tomorrow remains at the medium level. If that changes I’ll let you know. I need to see what that warm front looks like in the morning and I’m anxious to see how ongoing storms in the South affect our atmosphere.  How far north will the warm front get? That’s our million dollar question.

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The tornado threat is much, much higher across Mississippi and Alabama. If you know anyone down there please tell them to stay weather aware tomorrow.

You all have a great evening and I’ll be keeping a very close eye on all of this! If anything positive or negative comes up later tonight I’ll let you all  know. If you hear nothing, that means nothing has changed.

I was outside nearly all day and happened to notice these beautiful mid-level clouds moving in (alto cumulus clouds). I love the clouds that move in ahead of storm systems.


SAC weather dark generic update still chyron frame


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