11:00 Storm Update

My level of concern continues to slowly decline but I’ll park it in the middle of the “low concern” for the rest of the night. My concern for flooding and for gusty winds warrants a low level of concern. Please be careful if you’re out tonight. I’m sure many roads are flooded. I’ve had nearly 4″ of rain here at my house and I’m hearing similar totals elsewhere (if not more!). Any wind at all could still bring down some trees, especially those in saturated soil.

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I’m watching a cold front make its way across West TN. That front has been kicking up storms for the past several hours. However, the environment that front is in now is quite different than our own. All guidance points to these storms being general thunderstorms, to possibly strong, as they come through here around 3:00 am. Severe weather is not anticipated. I’ll keep an eye on them and if there were to be warning (unlikely) I’ll be right here. A severe t-storm watch is in effect for parts of West TN but the Storm Prediction Center does not anticipate expanding that watch eastward. That’s a good sign.

In  other news….

A tornado emergency was recently issued for Chattanooga. Those are issued when a tornado is confirmed on the ground and moving into a very populated area. Let’s hope that didn’t hurt anyone. That’s just how close some of these storms have come today. Initial reports are that the worst of the storm weakened just before moving into populated areas.

A state of emergency has been issued for Mississippi for storm damage. Seven people have lost their lives (as it stands right now). NWS storm surveyors will be out tomorrow to see what the tornado damage is rated.

Go to bed, especially if you have a weather radio. We should just be left with more rain, some thunder, and gusty winds.

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