6:00 Storm Update

WHAT: Strong to possibly severe storms

WHEN: 7:00-9:00 pm

IMPACTS: Straight-line winds

OTHER IMPACTS: Gusty southerly winds ahead of the line. Some gusts to 45 mph are possible.

We are tracking a line of strong storms making their way through the Lebanon area at this time. They’ve just moved east of Lebanon. The storms are producing little in the way of lightning and I see no indication of hail. They have had severe t-storm warnings at times, but they are not severe right now. That can easily change at any point.


Some of you have wondered where our gusty winds for today have been and they are still on the way. In fact, it’s getting awfully windy here right now. As we go through the night, those winds should stay very gusty. I should note that several counties across Middle TN have reported power outages, just from these gusty southerly winds ahead of these storms.

Storms well to our south, in Mississippi and Alabama, continue to intensify and produce destructive tornadoes. That sure is unfortunate for them, but those storms are robbing our atmosphere of a lot of energy, keeping out threats on the lower side.

Just keep in mind that we will still likely have power outages from these gusty winds. Trees will likely go down with these saturated soils. Just keep that in mind.

I have, yet again, lowered my level of concern. We’re still moving in a good direction. This doesn’t mean we can completely let our guard down, but we’re moving in a better direction. Thank goodness for all this rain today that has kept us cooler and more stable.

Forecast_Template - 2020-04-12T175226.229

This was a radar image I captured at 5:25, showing the radar velocities of two large and destructive tornadoes in southern Mississippi. This is definitely not what you want to see on radar anywhere. Our hearts go out to all in the path of these twisters. To make matters worse, the storms are affecting the same areas. The storm in the lower left of the image is following the one in the upper right. What a disaster for those folks.


I will end by saying that the cold front is well to our west. It’s now entering Arkansas from the west. There are strong to severe storms along that front. It won’t arrive until around 2:00 am. However, there are strong indications that our atmosphere will have stabilized by that point and the storms along that front should stay below severe limits. I am monitoring this and I will let you know if anything changes with that. At this point, I don’t expect problems from that front.

I’m keeping an eye on things! I’ll keep updating the blog through the evening with any new information. You all take care.

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