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7:20 Storm Update

WHAT: Strong winds with heavy rain

WHEN: 7:00-9:00 pm

IMPACTS: Very gusty winds that could down trees in these saturated soils. Winds could gust to 45 mph, even outside of storms.

These winds are bringing up warmer air. My temp is now 61 degrees, which is the warmest I’ve been all day.

Our line of strong to severe storms has morphed into a great big blob of heavy rain and very gusty winds. It’s a good evening to be at home! I circled an embedded line of heavier rain and gustier winds, all moving northeast. Notice that Livingston to Jamestown is north of this rain shield. They may miss out on this evening rain.


As for my level of concern, I’ve lowered it a bit more. I’m now on the lowest end of the medium. My concern now is these gusty winds that could topple trees. Let’s not forget the flash flood threat, either. Let’s be thankful that our situation is improving.

Forecast_Template - 2020-04-12T191249.658

The cold front is moving through central Arkansas. The front has sparked severe thunderstorms but no tornadoes. That line is expected to weaken as it moves closer to Memphis and just be an area of showers, perhaps some thunder, by the time it reaches us much later tonight. I’ll keep an eye on that, though, and I’ll post an update about that later.

Let’s remember the folks in the Deep South who have had a terrible day. The death toll in Mississippi at this hour stands at six and many more are injured. Keep all those folks close to your hearts.

I’ll keep an eye on things and let you know if anything comes up that you need to know about. I’ll post another update at 9:00 or as needed.

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