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The Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight!

Humans have watched the Lyrid Meteor Shower for 2,700 years. Now, all these many years later, we can step outside and see the same show!

While this isn’t the most spectacular meteor shower of the year, the sky itself will offer incredible sky watching conditions. Clear skies and the absence of a bright moon will make every star so clear and visible.

The later you’re outside the better. The meteor shower peaks at about 1:00 am but meteors will be flying long before and after that point. In fact, meteor showers don’t just shut off. These meteors have been flying for several nights and they’ll be out for several more. I just wouldn’t bet on such good sky conditions. Plus, the official peak of the shower is tonight.

To see the meteors, just lie on your back and look up! It’s best to scan as much of the sky as possible and not focus on where they’ll be coming from, the constellation Lyra. In the earlier evening hours they may appear to come more from the northeast. As the night goes along, they’ll simply just streak across the sky. Expect about 15 meteors an hour.

This meteor shower is known for making some fireballs from time to time. Be on the lookout for those, as well!

And that big bright “star” you see in the west is actually Venus. You can’t miss her!

Even if you don’t see a meteor or fireball, it sure is a good night to just look up.


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