Update on Saturday’s Storms

I just wanted to give a quick update on our storm situation for Saturday. The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) just released their 12:30 update and they continue to highlight the Cumberland Plateau for a marginal risk for severe storms on Saturday, especially during the afternoon hours (1:00-5:00, though this could change). While the threat isn’t that high, we are singled out for a 2% risk for tornadoes.

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I know that doesn’t sound high but we hardly ever see percentages greater than 5% for our area. If they ever go 10% we always know we’re in very serious trouble. So, 2% isn’t that high but it’s nothing to dismiss. It just depends, once again, on how unstable we can get before storms start firing off in the afternoon. You know the drill with these daytime events….if we get sun we’re in more trouble, but if we stay cloudy and cool we’re usually alright.

I noticed this highlighting of our area for the tornado risk and wanted to be sure you all knew. It’s just something to keep in the back of our minds for tomorrow afternoon. I’ll look over the model data that comes in today, and I’ll take a look at some other info and update you all again later tonight.

You all take care and stay tuned.

Below is the 12:30 update, showing our area highlighted in the tornado risk for tomorrow.


Due to the SPC’s thoughts and a look at the latest guidance, I’m going to go ahead and increase my concern for tomorrow afternoon.

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