4:45 Storm Update

The storms that just moved through here prompted the NWS in Morristown to do a severe t-storm warning for the counties to our east. Some of you all have had some hail in that storm. I had a heck of a lightning strike and I’m still not sure what may have gotten hit.

We still have more storms. Remember, I said this isn’t a line we’re tracking. This is scattered storms. Storm one minute…sun the next. So, we’ll keep this threat with us until at least 6:00 pm. Hail and gusty winds will be the main threat for our region.

I’ve noticed some folks in Kentucky getting pictures of what we call “cold air funnels”. That happens when there’s a lot of cold air aloft. They rarely touch down and when they do they are quite weak. I keep looking for one but haven’t seen anything yet.

Current radar shows some storms back to our west that will push our way later on. Again, some of these could be strong to briefly severe. You all stay weather aware for the next couple of hours.


My concern level remains unchanged, mainly for the risk of hail and straight-line winds.

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