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Tornado Watch until 9:00 pm

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for the Cumberland Plateau until 9:00 pm. That will likely expire before then but let’s just extend our weather-aware time to 9:00.

I’m watching some new storm development to our west. These storms are strong but many of them are not severe. That severe t-storm warning you see near Carthage was a tornado warning earlier, with a confirmed tornado near the Interstate west of Carthage at one point. That just reemphasizes the point that these storms are capable of becoming severe and even producing brief tornadoes.

The storm that just left our county is now severe over in East Tn, producing hail up to golfball sized.


I’ve raised my level of concern just a bit from the last update. The sunshine we keep getting, along with new storm development to our west, is causing me to be a bit more concerned. Let’s just stay weather aware a few more hours.

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