Something cool to see tonight?

SpaceX has been sending satellites up by the dozens at a time. The ultimate objective is to provide satellite-based internet, especially for rural areas of the world. The venture could make billions for SpaceX if it all works out.

There are now 420 of these satellites in space.

These are very small satellites but in the days following a launch they follow each other in the sky in a line. It’s quite the sight to see, from what I’ve heard. The last launch of 60 satellites was April 22.

I tell you all this because the satellites are supposed to fly across our sky tonight at about 8:20. They will first appear in the southwest and then disappear to the northeast.

These particular satellites were launched on April 22, so they should be starting to spread apart by now. I’m not sure how cool this will be to see but I’d hate to be out there this evening and find out it’s really cool and didn’t tell you all! (haha). So, we’ll either all be disappointed together or excited.

So, go out tonight at about 8:00 and give your eyes time to get adjusted, just in case these are hard to see. Again, it should be a train of satellites following each other across the sky. They should be about the size of stars, since the satellites themselves are about the size of a briefcase. This last launch released 60 satellites but I’m not sure how many of those we’ll see this evening. I’m going to take my binoculars, just in case they’re needed.

Apparently, the best time to see them is just before sunrise and just after sunset. Combine that with our clear skies and we should be in good shape to see whatever there may be to see. Some of you on the northern end of the plateau may have a few clouds, as we’re starting to see some slide down from Kentucky associated with tomorrow evening’s system that is coming. Overall, it should be a mostly clear sky.

Also, the moon is already out and looks so pretty in that blue sky. Just look east and up.

Happy star watching! I’ll be out there too!

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