5:30 Storm Update

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WHEN: Storms are approaching the westernmost edge of the plateau now, as well as developing across northern Fentress County and westward toward Dale Hollow Lake.

WHAT: Severe storms with a history of producing widespread wind damage.

Severe thunderstorms are now approaching the plateau. Be very weather aware for at least the next couple of hours. Be prepared to get into your safe place. When a warning is issued, to the lowest level of your home. Go to the center-most room, away from windows, with as many walls between you and the outside as possible.


These storms are producing widespread wind damage, with some gusts hitting 80 mph. These storms need to be taken seriously. Be home and off the roads when they hit. Storms will be here within the hour.

The northern end of this line appears to be the most severe, mainly north of I-40.  That had always been the area of greatest concern and that seems to be panning out. Never the less, the storms south of I-40 are potent enough. A tornado or two can’t be ruled out, especially quick spin-ups on the edge of these very strong winds.

My level of concern continues to climb and is now in the “very high” category. I plan to use this category rarely. You all stay safe and sound. The good news is that this line will pass quickly.

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