Storms Are Here; Take Cover

WHAT: Severe thunderstorms with damaging winds

WHEN: Now until 7:00 pm.

It’s time to get into your safe place. The line of severe storms that I’ve been tracking this afternoon has arrived on the plateau. Severe t-storm warnings are now active, meaning severe weather is imminent on the plateau. These storms have a history of producing widespread wind damage.

Doppler has consistently noted winds of 60-80 mph with these storms. The tornado threat is very low but these winds can do the damage of a weak tornado.

The good news is that the line of storms will pass quickly.

The worst of the storms and wind continues to appear to be more likely north of I-40. However, very strong/damaging winds are possible anywhere on the plateau. I have noticed a bit of weakening with some of the storms, but this is still a very serious situation. Let’s just hope they weaken much more before crossing the plateau.

Take cover and take care.

I’ll let you know when the all-clear can be given.

My level of concern remains very high.

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