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7:00 Update: Severe T-Storm Watch Info

WHAT: Strong to severe thunderstorms, mainly south of I-40

WHEN: Between 9:00-11:00 pm

WHAT: Flooding and possible strong storms, mainly north of I-40

WHEN: 10:00 pm – 2:00 am


The Storm Prediction Center has issued a SEVERE T-STORM WATCH for counties just to our west and south. This just emphasizes what it’s been looking like all evening…that the greater threat is south of I-40. You folks in the southern half of Cumberland County are close enough to this watch to consider yourselves a part of it too.

The watch is in effect until Midnight. This map doesn’t show it but you folks in Bledsoe County are in this watch too.


The greater threat along and north of I-40 tonight could become flooding. This is quite the rain maker on its northern side.

Hopefully, these storms will stay south of our area. They could certainly pack a punch as they evolve throughout this evening. Thankfully, storms along the warm front struggled this afternoon and did not become a worry. Unfortunately, the squall line that we’ve been tracking out of Missouri is getting stronger by the hour as it pushes east, southeast.

My level of concern has dropped a bit, due to the more southward movement of this particular line of storms, and the fact that storms along the warm front didn’t materialize. This concern is mainly for you folks across the southern half of Cumberland County (mainly south of the interstate).

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Let’s all stay weather aware through this evening. I’ll be keeping an eye on things!

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