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Baldwin’s Wednesday Wx Blog for May 6

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Weather Headlines

A cooler pattern is underway

Blackberry Winter will offer quite the chill by the weekend

Main threats

TONIGHT: Scattered frost is possible.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHTS: Widespread frost/light freeze conditions are likely.

Baldwin’s Severe Wx Concern

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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Daily Forecast

Today: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers around much of the day.

Thursday: Beautiful!

Friday: Showers likely, perhaps a rumble of thunder. Clearing overnight with frost.

Saturday – Tuesday: Frosty mornings, then partly cloudy to mostly sunny.


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Yesterday’s National High and Low Temperature

High: 108 at Cahuilla Ranger Station, California

Low: 7 at Peter Sinks, Utah

Difference of: 101 degrees

Wx Hazards Across the Nation

A winter storm-like system is moving into the Pacific Northwest today. That system will bring snow and rain to that area. Snow showers are likely for much of the Appalachians today. Elsewhere, things are quiet for this time of year.



One of the most destructive tornadoes in US history struck Omaha, Nebraska on this day in 1975. Climatologically, it’s a bit early for tornadoes that far north but that didn’t stop this one. The quarter mile-wide twister tore through residential and industrial areas of the city, causing 150 million dollars in damages. Three people were killed.

Weather Trivia 

Q: What is the most dangerous thing that storm chasers face when storm chasing?

a. other chasers   b. water on the roads    c. tornadoes    d. large hail    e. downbursts

(Answer at the end of the blog!)

NASA Knowledge

Check out this awesome public service announcement released by NASA concerning things to look for in the night sky this month! It also reminds us that we are never truly confined to a small space…..not when there’s all that space above us. (This is really good for the kids to watch!)

Long Range Outlook 

Extended outlooks through the middle of May continue to show below normal temps and below normal rainfall. Keep in mind that normal highs are in the lower 70s and normal lows are around 50 degrees this time of year. Anything below that is below normal.





Baldwin’s View-of-the-Day

As a meteorologist, I like to look at the data for answers. Yes, the rain gauge has provided ample evidence of a very wet spring. However, when I look out and see wild ducks on the edge of the yard….It has definitely rained too much this spring! (ha) This is definitely a first!


Weather News

As if things weren’t bad enough with the COVID-19 pandemic, the weather may be about to make matters even worse.

The northern states have been hit harder than the other states (New York, New Jersey, Michigan). If cooler temps in those areas are to blame, there could be some trouble brewing in the days ahead. Temps are expected to be well below normal for the eastern US for the next week. The colder temps could cause more people to be cooped up indoors and in close proximity to others. If cooler temps in the northern states are what has made things worse in those areas, it stands to reason that the cold temps forecast across the eastern US over the next week would only aggravate the situation.

Answer to Trivia Question

A: (a) The other chasers on the road are the greatest danger. Many chasers are so focused on the storm that they pay no attention to the road. Plus, when amateur chasers panic it becomes a real zoo out there! Other risks include hydroplaning from water on the roads (and driving too fast), as well as lightning that can strike you from a great distance. In the end, the least of your threats is what you’re chasing….the tornado.

You all have a great day!

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