Baldwin’s Sunny Thursday Wx Blog for May 7

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Weather Headlines

A rainy Friday

Blackberry winter hits in full force this weekend

A pleasant start to our new work week

Main threats

FRIDAY NIGHT: Widespread frost. Some areas may even experience a light freeze (temps 28-32 degrees). A FREEZE WATCH is in effect.

SATURDAY NIGHT: More widespread frost is likely. Some areas may even experience a light freeze again.

Baldwin’s Severe Wx Concern

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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Daily Forecast

Today: A very nice spring day.

Friday: Rain showers. We may even hear a rumble of thunder. Winds will be very gusty from the southwest, then from the north. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some snow flurries before midnight. That’s right, I said the ‘s’ word (ha). Then, skies quickly clear, with widespread frost developing by Saturday morning.

Saturday: Heavy morning frost, followed by a cool but sunny afternoon.

Sunday: Heavy morning frost, followed by partly to mostly cloudy skies as a system skirts to our north. There is a slight chance for showers, but that’s mainly for areas north of I-40.

Monday – Wednesday: Partly cloudy skies. Cool mornings and pleasant afternoons. A gradual warming trend is expected.


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Yesterday’s National High and Low Temperature

High: 111 at Cahuilla Station, California

Low: 16 at both Peter Sinks, Utah and Stonington, Michigan

Difference of: 95 degrees

Wx Hazards Across the Nation

There is a risk for strong to severe storms today across parts of the southern plains. Oklahoma is the main target for that weather. Light snow will be possible across much of the Northeast today, as well as the front range of the northern Rockies. Showers will overspread much of the eastern US as we go into the night. Fire danger is running very high today across New Mexico, as winds get gusty and humidity levels drop.



The fourth largest tornado outbreak to ever hit Middle Tennessee struck on this day in 1984. At least 18 tornadoes touch down. The strongest tornado, an F-2, struck Springfield in Robertson County. There are no deaths or injuries reported in this outbreak.

One supercell in that outbreak produced an F-1 tornado three miles northwest of Monterey. It destroyed two barns. The storm then dropped another F-1 tornado in Clarkrange and blew away a barn on Highway 127 North. Apparently, this storm had something against barns! (ha) #barnbuster

Weather Trivia 

Q: What is the farthest distance debris has ever been found from where a tornado occurred (approximately)?

a. 50 miles  b. 100 miles   c. 150 miles   d. 200 miles

(Answer at the bottom of this blog!)

NASA Knowledge

Well, it turns out the rumors are true. Tom Cruise is working with NASA and SpaceX to film a movie aboard the International Space Station. There are no details about the movie or when filming will begin, etc. In a tweet, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine praised the idea.


I must say I am absolutely 100% opposed to this (ha). But, I’m just a space nerd with little, make that no, say in what NASA and SpaceX do. This just has a very, very bad taste to it. Plus, isn’t Cruise a little off his rocker anyway? lol (Just sayin’)

Bridenstine has faced criticism in recent weeks for not postponing the mission to send astronauts to the ISS at the end of this month. Amid a pandemic, NASA personnel have been working closely (literally) with so many others to make sure this a success. All the while, they have to worry about COVID-19. On top of that, the pandemic will likely keep many of us from getting to go down there and see the launch. A postponement would have made the trip much more likely and less worrisome.

Again, it’s not my call (ha). But I can still be aggravated! lol

I think the hope is that this movie will do for NASA what Twister did for storm chasing….make everyone want to be a part of it.

I love NASA but I do have some advice. When taking pics make sure everyone knows which camera to look at. (ha) I know, I know…let it go… smh (insert deep sigh)  But seriously….the space station is for science! Send a meteorologist, for goodness sake! smh


Long Range Outlook 

Temperatures and rainfall continue to look below normal as we move into the middle of May and into the first few days beyond that point.





Baldwin’s View-of-the-Day

Check out this very impressive storm structure! I bet you think this is a storm in Oklahoma? You’d be wrong! This is actually from Washington State on Tuesday! How wild is that?

I bet you also think that’s a tornado hanging down from the clouds? It sure looks like it doesn’t it? A LOT of people mistake those cloud features for funnel clouds or tornadoes, especially at night. But, alas, it is not rotating. That’s what we call a scud cloud. The inflow of winds coming into the storm are cooling and condensing, forming those ominous clouds.

Severe storms draw air into them. As that air encounters rain-cooled air near to the storm, it cools and condenses. That forms the scuds clouds flowing into the storms. Sometimes they spin horizontally, but a tornado is vertical.

People see scud clouds with other severe storms too and swear it’s a tornado. If it’s not spinning, it’s not a tornado.

Photo compliments of @BenjaminJurkovi from near Enumclaw, Washington.


Answer to Trivia Question

A: (d) A picture was found in Lenoir City, Tennessee from a tornado that struck Phil Campbell, Alabama on April 27, 2011. The picture was found about 220 miles away from the residence it came from. How wild is that? Right here in our own state!

The previous record for debris being carried away was 210 miles in Nebraska from a tornado in 1915! That debris was a cancelled check.

The Phil Campbell tornado is arguably one of the strongest tornadoes to ever strike the US. The EF-5 tornado was on the ground for miles. At one point it crossed a highway and sucked up 25 feet of pavement!

This was just one of the tornadoes associated with the April 27, 2011 Super Outbreak of tornadoes. What a historic day in meteorology!

The image below shows where Phil Campbell is and the trajectories toward where debris was found. You can see how southwest winds aloft carried the debris away after the tornado tossed that debris high into the atmosphere, into those winds. Just remarkable.


You all have a great day!

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