Good news for you warm weather lovers

If you’re like me and wishing things were just a tad bit warmer you are going to love this news. The latest guidance continues to show a dramatic warm-up beginning on Thursday. Highs should easily hit the 80-degree mark that day, with highs in the low to mid 80s possible by Saturday! Heck, it may even get warmer than that by a week from tomorrow. Highs in the Nashville area are expected to hit 90 by the end of next weekend.

But….we have to first get through these cool days. Also, don’t forget that scattered frost is likely tonight and again tomorrow night. Highs for tomorrow will struggle to get into the mid 50s, due to a cold front passing through this evening.

If you enjoy the cooler weather you best be enjoying! (ha) These cooler days will be a memory sooner than later.

The map below shows rainfall over the next seven days. Notice that big arc of reds (heavy rainfall) from Texas to Pennsylvania. That is due to an area of warm high pressure that will be building over the Southeast. The flow around that high is clockwise, carrying warm and moist air up over Texas and northward into the Midwest. This pattern brings shower chances to our area and very warm temperatures. This is very much like an early summer pattern! Normally, we’d be worried about severe weather with temps warming up. However, so long as that high is in control of our area those chances will be slim.


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