Baldwin’s Tuesday Wx Blog for May 12

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Weather Headlines

A warming trend is on the way!

Main threats

Widespread severe weather is not expected over the next seven days.

Baldwin’s Severe Wx Concern

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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Daily Forecast

Today: Mostly cloudy skies. There could be some sprinkles or light showers around the area.

Wednesday: A chance for showers as a warm front moves through. This warm front will bring is a much warmer air mass for tomorrow and the days afterwards.

Thursday – Saturday: Partly cloudy skies and very warm. Humidity will be increasing each day, as well. Only isolated, mainly afternoon/evening, showers or thundershowers possible. A very summer-like pattern!

Sunday – Monday: Continued warm. A slightly better chance for showers and storms.


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Yesterday’s National High and Low Temperature

High: 104 at Death Valley, California

Low: 14 at Taylor, North Dakota

Difference of: 90 degrees


Wx Hazards Across the Nation

There are no significant weather hazards to be found today. There are, however, many areas of light precip. It’s a very cloudy day across much of the US. Tomorrow, things turn stormy for the southern plains.



Wx Hazards Across the Nation (New!)

Strong to severe storms are likely for the southern plains. Continued unsettled for much of the country as a warmer air mass begins to move in for the eastern US.



On this day in 1934 things were very hot and dry for much of the central and eastern US (not to mention the horrific economy). A dust storm became so large across the southern plains that the skies were darkened from Oklahoma to the Atlantic Coast.

Weather Trivia 

Q: Black Sunday, one of the worst dust storms in American history, occurred in what decade?

a. 1920s   b. 1930s   c. 1940s    d. 1950s

(The answer is at the end of the blog!)


Meet Benjamin Reed — this week’s guest for “Pass the Torque!” He is the division chief for NASA’s Satellite Servicing Projects Division at Goddard. Find out how he ended up at NASA, even though he never dreamed that’s where he’d end up! (This could be REALLY good for the teens in your life to listen to!)

Long Range Outlook 

Long range indications continue to show very warm temperatures for our region in the coming weeks. This could translate into the season’s first 90-degree readings for the Nashville area, with the plateau well into the low to mid 80s. Rainfall looks to be about normal.





7-Day Projected Precip Totals (New!)


Baldwin’s View-of-the-Day

This is the day-and-night life cycle of a clipper system on visible satellite. This system brought us our cold air yesterday and last night. You saw the clouds from this Sunday evening and Monday morning. (20)

Weather News

The NWS Nashville put together this site for the March 3, 2020 long-track supercell that produced an EF-2 tornado in northern Cumberland County (Rinnie). It is very informative and very interesting. A total of 10 tornadoes touched down in that outbreak, all from the same single supercell.

Answer to Trivia Question

A: (b) One of the worst dust storms in American history occurred on April 14, 1935. The storm displaced at least 300 million tons of topsoil from the American West. The day is referred to as Black Sunday.


You all have a great day!

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