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Baldwin’s Hot Saturday Wx Blog for May 16th

Weekend Edition

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Weather Headlines

A hot Saturday for us!

An unsettled pattern for next week

Watching for our first named storm of the season in the tropics

Main threats

Widespread hazardous weather is not expected. However, any storm that develops will be capable of producing gusty winds, heavy rainfall, and cloud-to-ground lightning. Any storm could be locally severe, with a damaging wind gust.

Baldwin’s Severe Wx Concern

Owing to the heat and instability of the atmosphere, a storm or two could briefly become severe over the next couple of days. Widespread severe weather is not expected.

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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Daily Forecast

Today: Hot. A slight chance for an afternoon shower or storm.

Sunday: Continued very warm. A chance for showers and thunder, especially overnight.

Monday: A good chance for rain and thundershowers.

Tuesday – Thursday: An upper-level low will hang out in our area for these days, bringing partly to mostly cloudy skies and a chance for showers and thundershowers.

Friday: That system moves east enough to drop our rain chances on down into the “slight’ category.


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Yesterday’s National High and Low Temperature

High: 103 at Rio Grande Village, Texas

Low: 19 at Copper Basin, Idaho

Difference of: 84 degrees


Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Heavy rainfall is likely for the Lower Mississippi River Valley today. Meanwhile, a tropical system continues to develop in the Bahamas.



Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Heavy rainfall will once again threaten the Lower Mississippi River Valley. There will also be a threat for heavy rainfall stretching across northern Indiana and southern Michigan eastward to New York state. In all likelihood, we will have Tropical Storm Arthur sitting off the Southeast Coast.



Hurricane Hunters are currently on their way to investigate the system that will likely become Arthur today or tomorrow. The system is expected to stay offshore, but it will be our first named storm of the season. Hurricane season officially begins June 1st.



On this day in 1874 a dam failed in Northampton, Massachusetts. The result was the deaths of 143 people. This is referred to as the Mill Creek disaster. It is one of the worst dam disasters in US history.

The dam was designed by a gentleman with no engineering skills at all. The dam leaked upon filling the reservoir behind it. When the rains of 1874 came, the dam couldn’t begin to hold back the waters. Thankfully, a horseman rode at full gallop to warn residents downstream that the dam was failing. Other horsemen followed pursuit and warned even more residents in the path of the coming flood waters. The actions of these folks saved countless additional lives.

You all have a great day!

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