9:35 Storm Update

The complex of storms we’ve been tracking is weakening significantly as it approaches our area at this hour. The activity that developed ahead of this complex, across parts of central and southern Cumberland County over the past hour, appears to have really weakened that complex of storms coming in from the west.

The storms remain strong to our south, with occasional severe t-storm warnings being issued. That threat appears to have now shifted south toward Chattanooga and away from our area. I think even you folks in Bledsoe County will miss out on that stronger storm activity.

Tomorrow will be a more summer-like day, with only widely scattered storms in the afternoon and evening. The models have trended drier for tomorrow and hopefully that trend continues. Never the less, if you plan to be outside make sure you pay attention to the weather. Keep an eye on the sky and take a glance at the radar from time to time, especially if you’re out on the water. Our rain chances will be about 30-40% tomorrow.

That rain chance increases to about 50% for Sunday and Memorial Day.

We can’t rule out a stray shower or storm anytime tonight, but I wanted to make sure you all knew the threat with this complex of storms I was tracking has dropped significantly.

You all have a good night!

Pictured below is the current radar. I circled the strongest activity. It is moving southeast. Notice how the activity to our west is now yellows and greens. That’s better than the reds it had in it earlier!



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