Launch Day! Watch live at this link!

If you want to watch today’s launch at 3:33 CDT just follow the link below. This is your 3:33 LAUNCH WEEK update for today. What better update than to see the launch, right?

Weather is still questionable but I’m feeling a little bit better about it at this hour. Let’s hope it goes off without a hitch. Again, that launch is at 3:33 CDT.

Should the launch be rescheduled, they’ll try again Saturday. I’ll keep you posted!

Keep in mind this launch is historic for two big reasons. First, it’s the first time astronauts have gone to space from American soil since the space shuttle program ended nearly a decade ago. Second, it’s the first time astronauts have flown from American soil on a privately owned space vehicle (SpaceX).

Here’s that link! Live coverage has already begun!

Radar looks iffy, for sure. A lot can change in an hour. Let’s hope it changes for the better! I circled the area to their west that I’ve been watching. Remember, lightning can travel many miles from a storm, so there’s that to worry about too.



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