Friday Night ISS Flyover

It’s been less than a week since history was made with the International Space Station (ISS). It was just this past Saturday that so many of us watched with GREAT excitement as two astronauts, Behnken and Hurley, launched from American soil to the ISS on a privately owned spacecraft owned by SpaceX (pictured below). It was the first time in 9 years since astronauts have left from American soil. Go USA!


Now, you get to see the ISS fly over tonight with those guys on board! For many of you, it may be the first time you’ve ever looked up at the ISS and known that two astronauts are on there that launched from our very own country. That should be a really, really good feeling!

So, look up tonight at about 8:54. I usually start looking about 10 mins earlier to make sure my eyes are fully adjusted to the darkness. Then, look west. That’s where it will appear. It will cross the sky at a maximum height of about 40 degrees up and then set in the south/southeast sky. It will be visible for four minutes.

Remember, the ISS does NOT blink. That is for planes to do (ha). The ISS looks like a slow-moving and really bright star.

So, go out and look up! You may even notice that beautiful Full Moon! If you do see that moon, you may ponder the thought that someday……..someday soon…..we’ll be looking up at the moon and know that Americans once again walk on that dusty landscape. Pretty darn cool idea, right?

Pictured below are Behnken and Hurley, who are two of five people up there right now.


The current five man crew of the ISS.



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