Midday Friday Weather Update

I know some of you have noticed the severe t-storm watch that has been issued for West TN (I love that so many of you are such fellow weather weenies! ha). Normally, that would be something to track for us later on. However, the storms that prompted that watch are moving southeast. With all the energy focused on them today, we may actually squeeze in a nice afternoon/evening. Still, we can’t rule out a stray storm in the warmth and humidity.

Current radar shows that complex of storms out west. As you can see by my professional artistic abilities (ha), the arrows show the direction of movement. Our local radar view is clear.


Also at this hour, tropical storm watches have now been issued for Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Alabama for Saturday afternoon through Monday morning. Landfall of Cristobal will occur Sunday evening. The storm is so large in size that the effects will be felt as soon as Saturday. Once the center makes landfall, most of the storm’s effects will already be moving north. There likely won’t be much storm left behind the center. That happens when stronger southerly winds aloft displace much of the storm to the north of the center.

The storm is expected to bring dangerous flooding to New Orleans. Hopefully, the city will be handle all the water. Models are suggesting that Cristobal will be a prolific rain-maker. Remember, even though we rate tropical storms by wind, it’s always the water that kills the most people and does the most damage.


I’ll keep an eye on Cristobal. The system is a depression right now but should become a tropical storm again later today, when it moves into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

You all have a great afternoon!


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