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Baldwin’s Tuesday Wx Blog for June 9

At a Glance

48-Hour Weather

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While our area is not highlighted in any severe weather threat today, we could still have some strong storms this afternoon. Just be aware of that if you’re out and about.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed the plateau in the marginal risk for severe storms for tomorrow. Damaging straight-line winds will be the main threat. Widespread severe weather is not expected.

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Baldwin’s Severe Weather Concern

Any severe storm should be isolated, but we can’t rule out a stronger storm or two as we go into the afternoon. Wind shear is high, so any storm could rotate, though the chance for tornadoes is extremely low. That tornado threat increases as you move closer to Nashville. Just be aware of that if you’re traveling that direction today.

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A cold front will bring showers and storms to the area tomorrow. Some of those storms could be severe, with damaging, straight-line winds the main threat.

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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Daily Forecast

Today: Scattered showers and storms, especially in the afternoon. Winds will be breezy.

Wednesday: Scattered showers and storms. Some storms could be severe.

Thursday – Friday: Lower humidity and very pleasant days.

Saturday -Monday: Pleasant weather continues, with warm afternoons and cool nights.

Hay Weather Forecast

Today is looking good until this afternoon, then rain will threaten the area. A cold front Wednesday will bring rain threats for the whole day. After tomorrow, the hay weather forecast is looking perfect! Low humidity and warm afternoons will make for a great weather forecast.

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Yesterday’s National High and Low Temperature

High: 113 at Rio Grande Village, Texas

Low: 19 at Klamath Marsh National Wildlife Reguge, Oregon and at Sierraville, California and at Baker, Nevada.


The remnants of Cristobal are now centered over southern Missouri and moving north.

Another area of concern in the Atlantic is looking less likely to develop into a storm.



Wx Hazards Across the Nation

The remnants of Cristobal and a cold front will bring heavy rainfall and severe storms to a large section of the middle of the country today.



Wx Hazards Across the Nation

A cold front will push the severe weather threat east tomorrow, into the eastern US.



Wx Hazards Across the Nation

A quiet day is in store for the country!



Today is a doozy for the records!

On this day in 1953 a powerful tornado struck Worcester, Massachusetts. This was from the same storm system that produced the deadly Flint, Michigan (116 dead) tornado I wrote about yesterday.  The Worcester storm tracked for 45 miles and was up to a mile wide. Steel beams that were meant to withstand winds of nearly 400 mph were bent into the ground. Debris from the storm fell on Boston (50 miles away) and even into the Atlantic Ocean. Ninety people lost their lives.

A flash flood produced 14 inches of rain in only four hours in Rapid City, South Dakota on this day in 1972. A canyon dam failed, sending a catastrophic wall of water through the region. In all, 237 people drowned.

Long Range Outlook 

A cooler and drier extended outlook is still looking likely.





Weather News

I made this short video clip (one minute) for the kids in the Master Science Class for Kids Facebook page (@BaldwinMasterClass) and I thought some of you might enjoy it, too. You may want to watch/share with the kids! You may also want to follow the Master Science Class for Kids FB page, as I’ll be posting more material like this on that page. Again, that can be found @BaldwinMasterClass.

You all have a great day!

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