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1:00 Storm Update

WHAT: A threat of strong to severe t-storms

WHEN: This afternoon and early evening (1:00 – 6:00)

Storms are beginning to pop up on radar this afternoon. There will be more of this kind of activity developing across the plateau as we go through the afternoon. In fact, I hear some thunder as I type this.

A few of these storms could be severe, with damaging straight-line winds being the main threat. Just stay weather aware as we go through the rest of the afternoon.  My concern level is unchanged from this morning.

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Even though we have the threat of some of the storms becoming strong, we really need to get some rain out of this. After today, our rain chances drop off and it’s hard to find a good chance of rain for the next two weeks. Hopefully, that will change.

You all stay safe and I’ll keep you posted. At this time, the Storm Prediction Center does not anticipate issuing a watch for our area, due to the isolated, short-lived nature of the stronger storms. If that thought changes, I’ll let you know.



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