Baldwin’s Friday Wx Blog for June 26

At a Glance

48-Hour Weather

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While widespread severe is not expected over the next seven days, any storm that develops will be capable of producing deadly cloud-to-ground lightning, heavy rainfall, and gusty winds that could become briefly damaging.

Baldwin’s Severe Weather Concern

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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Daily Forecast

Today & Saturday: A chance for a mainly afternoon/evening shower or storm. Otherwise, partly cloudy. Most of us stay dry.

Sunday: Scattered showers and storms are possible, especially in the afternoon/evening.

Monday – Thursday: Scattered shower and storm chances will be with us each day, with about a 50% coverage of showers and storms each day. Rain chances will be with us throughout each day and night, not just in the afternoons.

Baldwin’s Hay Day Forecast

Farmers, the hay weather forecast continues to look bleak for next week. Rain chances will be with us throughout each day, not just in the afternoons and evenings. Hopefully, I can change at least one or two of those Xs to half hay bails as we near the end of next week. Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, rain chances are pretty slim today and tomorrow. One or two of you all may see a storm on the hay field, but most of will stay dry through Saturday.

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Yesterday’s National High and Low Temperature

High: 117 at Death Valley, California

Low: 34 at Fort Rock, Oregon


No development is expected over the next five days. FYI, I plan to do a vlog soon to update you all on this hurricane season, including the latest on the Saharan dust that has been coming across the Atlantic and what that means.


Wx Hazards Across the Nation

It’s an active weather day for parts of the country!

A significant severe weather outbreak is likely today across portions of the Midwest. The Chicago area is in the bullseye for this activity. All modes of severe weather are possible, including tornadoes. The main threat is likely to come from very damaging straight-line winds with squall lines. Flooding from heavy rainfall will also be a high risk.

Another threat extends farther to the west, where lower probabilities of severe storms exists. That area extends from Colorado through Kansas.

Elsewhere, heavy rain continues to threaten southern Texas.



Wx Hazards Across the Nation

The severe weather and heavy rain of Friday will shift east on Saturday. The main threat area appears to stretch across Ohio and Pennsylvania, eastward to New Jersey and New York City. This system will threaten two or our nation’s largest cities; Chicago today and New York tomorrow.

Heavy rainfall threatens southern Missouri and the wildfire danger begins to increase across parts of the Southwest.



Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Other than a high risk for wildfires across portions of the Southwest, it is a quiet weather day.



On this day in 1994 an F-3 tornado cut a remarkable 38-mile path across Wayne County in southern Middle Tennessee. Twenty-two people were injured but there were no fatalities.

Long Range Outlook 

Increasing warmth to our north is kept to a minimal in our neck of the woods, thanks to increased rainfall chances keeping us cooler through the first week of July. Hopefully, this doesn’t dampen any Fourth of July plans and fireworks.





Weather News

I am excited to announce here in the blog that I have been asked to join Roane State’s Lifelong Learning program! This program is primarily for seniors who want to continue learning. I will be teaching two courses this fall, with one being on hurricanes and the other on significant winter storms of the Upper Cumberland. The other course will be in the spring and will cover significant tornadoes of the Upper Cumberlands. I am very excited about these programs!

As many of you know, I have applied for a full time teaching position at Roane State. Hopefully, this Lifelong Learning opportunity will not only allow me to enjoy a role in that program, but open doors for other opportunities as well.

For more information on the Lifelong Learning program, please see


Friday Funny


You all have a great day!

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