10:25 pm Storm Update

After looking at some additional data, it looks like the severe storm threat continues to be greatest for areas around Livingston to Jamestown to Oneida tonight and in the early morning hours. For the most part, it looks like storms will stay just below severe limits, but any of them could become briefly severe.

The greatest threat for those strong storms now appears to be anytime from now through Sunday morning, with perhaps the greater threat coming in the early morning hours of Sunday. One disturbance is moving through central KY right now and another is  located farther west. That one farther west will arrive in the very early hours of Sunday (4:00-8:00 am).

There are currently no watches in place and none may be required, owing to the isolated nature of the strongest storms. Damaging straight-line winds and localized flash flooding appear to be the greater threats. The NWS Nashville does not anticipate activating storm spotters tonight, but the emphasize that the plateau has the greatest risk for strong/severe storms overnight.

On Sunday, the storm threat affects us all, with once again there being a chance for a few storms being strong to severe, especially the first half of the day.

Just keep those weather radios on tonight. We are all in the marginal risk for severe storms, with the slight risk (a category higher) being found across areas mainly north of Interstate 40.

The current radar shows numerous storms across northern TN and Kentucky, with activity moving east, southeast. I’ve circled the area of most concern for tonight. This circled area is also that first of two waves of storms. The second wave will be here around sunrise, give or take an hour or two.


I’ll be up and keeping track of it all. I’ll also have my weather radio on. Our atmosphere is quite unstable and storms will have no problem holding together tonight, even in the absence of daytime heating. Again, this doesn’t appear to be a widespread threat, but some of you will likely be awakened by storms tonight. If you are camping around Dale Hollow Lake you should stay weather aware tonight.



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